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Christmas 2009


That was the beginning of a new tradition with auction of photos of our popular trainers and riders. So in emotional bidding the photograph of Stoica hit the price of…33 kilos of carrots. The portrait of our Buba was taken for 500 kilos of oats. The trainer Rayko, who was exercising new hard rock techniques on a chair was won for 35 kilos of apples. Mario was the sweetest as he was priced at 12 kilos of sugar. The horse caretakers Yanko and Nayden were priced for 40 packs of hey.
The little film that tells what we did during the past year shows bits and pieces of all memorable, funny and exciting moments for all of us. We were proud of the perfect organization we made for the national competition in endurance in which our members participated for the first time.
Certificates of special riding skills have been presented.