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Concurians charged down upon the winter fields


Incredible riding boldness overwhelmed the tireless riders from our riding club.
The last few years were rather modest in terms of snow, so riding on the field in the winter gave the feeling of being cold but nothing even close to the feeling of white winter freedom. So the time has come! For some of our riders being in the snow on the open field was a completely new experience.
When the snow is fresh and soft, the feeling is that instead of hoofs, the horses have got paws as there is no thud of hooves, just the feeling of soft movement of the big animals.
With the weather change though and the increased chill, with the snow drift, the snow carpet below the horse’s legs begins to crunch. While in the soft snow each canter makes a little fountain of snow, when the snow becomes heavy and frozen, the back hooves of the horses throw big snow balls in the air.
The most tireless riders of our club – Zlati, Ivan, young and brave Niya, Milena, Dimo, Liyana, Ilka, Jim did not get scared by the razor sharp wind and using every opportunity kept running around the fields.
The perfect mood of our horses was shown in gallops faster than the wind across the snow covered fields and with a kick or two here and there.