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The Unification


Our club is the main engine in the historic restoration of the Unification Day that was on September 6th, 1885. Nowadays the celebration ceremony happens on the main square in the town of Suedinenie, which in translation means Unification. The army draws up for a reveille in front of government officials and politicians, performers of folklore music and dances gather, thousands of people come to see the celebration.
Our coach Rayko, a native actor in his sole, for more than 10 years impersonates the historical figure of the legendary rebellion Chardafon. He and the priest (local amateur actor) and Chardafon’s wife Nedyalka Shileva with the flag stand before everyone on the square.
The drummers play, the audience is quiet. The carriage that we use for tourists has been borrowed for a greater purpose – the Turkish leader of the municipality should be arrested and brought to the square. He is being put in captivity by Chardafon’s wife (who also embroidered the flag). Over the past three years the role of Nedyalka is performed by Liyana.
Stoica’s wife Violeta is the key organiser of all artistic events and she is responsible for the smooth running of all activities for over 10 years. Her key partner in all preparations is our Buba, who was also Nedyalka Shileva for more than 5 years.
For a first time Velizar also took part in the restoration of the events. Appeared that dressed with old clothes and with his moustache he qualifies for real rebellion, as it was acknowledged by everyone present. Everything ends with delicious dinner in Stoica’s home.