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Rayko Ganukov, the loved and respected trainer from our club Concur became champion of Bulgaria in dressage in competing class L with Dantes at the completition held on 19 – 21 July at Voivodinovo riding center. Rayko was first in all exercises throughout the entire competition and showed the incredible advancement Dantes had made over a period of one year. Our club and our winners were congratulated by competitors from other clubs.

Rayko also participated at the acompanying competitions with Amber (Ambrozia) who showed excellent results as well.

In front of our winning team next weekend comes the Balkans Championship in Dressage whereRayko is participating as a member of the national team of Bulgaria.

Dear Concur members, keep your fingers crossed as club Concur will be present for the first time at a competition of such high ranking!

Good luck, Rayko! Good luck, Amber! We are with you!