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Gen. Krum Lekarski Tournir – 22.04.2012

The riders and horses from Concur Riding Club once again attacked Bozhurishte successfully, but this time with the help of a new and inspired participants – Niya Stoimenova, horse Simon and horse Galius. Niya, along with Zlati and Ivan, started on the route to success with a great pace. The girl was about to get the bronze on the very first day, but was defeated by only 30 hundredths by the more experienced Ivan with his horse Arkanzas.

The specialist paid special attention to the performance of Galius who finished successfully two parkours. Our contestants did well, Simon and Galius went to a race for the very first time. All in all, however, everyone had a great time and our competitors again excited and inspired pride among the other members of Concur Riding Club.