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It was the very first time we celebrated Horse Easter, also called The Day of Todor (a saint, who protected horses, in Bulgarian – Todorovden). Our great mood was due to lots of emotions with the competition for all amateur riders, demonstrations of professional dressage by our trainer Rayko Ganukov, music and fun.

All riders who were able to lead their horse independently had the right to participate. All riders were divided in four groups, according to their riding abilities.

The jury was presided by Nikola Dimitrov, an honoured master of horse riding sport, and our boss and trainer Stoitsa Argilashki, international coach in horse riding. They gave their opinion of how well the rider was leading his horse, changing the movement of the horse, as well as how the horse was moving as a reflection of the ability of the rider to lead him.

These are the winners in each of the categories:

Level B2: leading the horse walking and trotting. First place for Niya with Prives; second is Desi with Prives and the result is equal with Eleni with Kogan

Level B1: leading the horse walking, trotting and cantering. First place for Liyana with Shakira; second for Blaga with Geya, third for Elina with Shakira

Level A2: X-course. It was fully into the power of the young talented riders of club Concur. First place for Niya with Dobrotisa; second place for Roni with Galious and for Rumi with Prives.

Level A1 was for the leader riders of the club. First prize for Zlati with Galious, second for Ivan with Arkanzas and third for Niya with Simon.

The audience was exalted and applauded the youngest participants who showed their eager ambition to catch up with their older counterparts. Stoitsa was the commentator on the microphone and made everyone laugh with his small but wit comments.

The competition on Todorovden sets our new tradition to have club competitions on the occasion of Horse Easter and everyone who is sharing the passion for race is invited to participate, to support a friend or just to watch and enjoy it.