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Calendar 2011

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Concur Riding Club on Eurosport Channel

13.10.2010 Concur Riding Club was appointed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism to represent horse riding for amateurs for an official advertising film that was shown on Eurosport Channel as part of the international tourist advertisement of the country. The French crew recorded the film in Ihtiman riding center and at Topolnica […]


The Unification

05.09.2010 Our club is the main engine in the historic restoration of the Unification Day that was on September 6th, 1885. Nowadays the celebration ceremony happens on the main square in the town of Suedinenie, which in translation means Unification. The army draws up for a reveille in front of government officials and politicians, performers […]


Riding school for children from Cyprus trained with us

23.07.2010 20 young riders from Cyprus enjoyed their training at our stables for two weeks in the summer of 2010. The kids got easily acquainted with the horses and they were tough when horses disobeyed. Kids were extremely happy and each of them also received as present about 100 photographs of their performance. Pics


Christmas 2009

12.12.2009 That was the beginning of a new tradition with auction of photos of our popular trainers and riders. So in emotional bidding the photograph of Stoica hit the price of…33 kilos of carrots. The portrait of our Buba was taken for 500 kilos of oats. The trainer Rayko, who was exercising new hard rock […]



17.07.2009 In 2009 our club organised the National Race in Endurance. The competition was in two leagues: for amateurs and for professionals. In the July heat, the professional riders had to manage on 80 km distance, while the armateurs had to deal with a distance twice as short. Our club was represented by Ivan, Zlati […]

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