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Our Club

Concur Riding Club is established in October 2009 as a non-for-profit association for the public benefit. The club promotes riding among amateurs, children as well as physically active elderly people, who accept riding as their hobby and a way to escape from the stress of the working day.

Members of the club are professional and amateur riders and horse owners who are engaged in horse sport activities and also take part in various club activities. The club organizes club events, amateur competitions and various celebrations.


Our competitors:

Rajko with Dantes
Mirela with Bruklin
Siyana with Sisco Kid
Райко и Дантес
Мирела с Бруклин
Сияна със Сиско Кид
Aya with Karo As
Niya with Sisco Dusche
Kristiana with Lorina
Ая с Каро Ас
Ния със Смила
Криси с Лорина
Petko with Glamer Beylia
Stefania with Mirela Freni
Aya with Largo
Петко с Гламър Бейлия
Стефания и Мирела Френи
Ая с Ларго
Danaya with Lachita
Adriana with Abigail
Yana with Simon
Даная с Лачита
Адриана с Абигейл
Яна със Саймън
Alara with Kasparo
Aleyna with Victory
Viktoria with Boran
Алара с Каспаро
Алейна с Виктори
Виктория с Боран
Zlaty with Everten
Maria with Leo King
Alexandra with Raf Graf
Злати с Евартан
Мария с Лео Кинг
Александра с Раф
Magi with Trim
Milena with Gamen
Милена с Гамен