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Livery Service

The stables provide excellent conditions for horse breeding and schooling.  
The horses are being cared for by a professional team of grooms, instructors  
and competition riders, with proven and extensive experience in horse breeding  
and schooling.



  • 70 large boxes
  • Horse bathrooms
  • Equipment room
  • 40 decares of pastures


The basic livery package includes individual box, basic feed and hay, daily turnout, general health care and use of the arenas by owner without instructor/trainer. Supplements, vaccinations, dewormers, shoeing, vet visits and medicines, are arranged by the stable and are paid at cost. The center offers a variety of services for horse owners at additional cost, including:
  • private and group lessons in the arena with a trainer
  • horse schooling
  • lessons/hacking on horses for hire
  • preparation and participation in competitions, etc.